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What is TACC – Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce?



We Aim to Serve

 Since the founding over 10 years ago, we have been consistently keeping an eye for service, while we dedicated ourselves to advocate for equal access and opportunity for the Asian community. In this web site, you will read about our activities, past and present, that exemplify this fact.


Self Interests vs. Civic Mindedness.

Our guiding principles rest on three legs: self interest, public interest, and ethnic pride. From our cultures, genes, and family upbringing, we equipped ourselves to strive for our well being, and to add value to the general community. The grander purpose of the role of TACC is thus to help discover synergies with the greater community in order to create a harmonious environment for one and all. Underlying this purpose is the recognition of the societal good that comes with assimilation and acculturation....…as Asian American.



All that we did and will do have that purpose or mission in mind. We invite you to tour our web site and learn the specifics over the past ten years and our on-going plans, which include the next series of events, the Asia Food Fest, November 2 - 4, 2006. The way to the hearts of man is through his stomach. We hope to nurture friendships and networking through these activities, while learning about fusion between Western and Asian foods from cooking demonstrations, classes and dinners over a 3-day period.




This new web site is still in the process of construction, but it is ready for perusing available events, to book registrations and pay fees online. More functionality and features will be added, including ability of employer members to post their openings and search facility to locate employment opportunity.


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