Japanese Tsunami Relief – $26,000 raised, and counting!

Thank you all who helped make our March 17, 2011 event a success, and thank you to all the many who attended and contributed!

Jim Yatsu, TACC Board Chair and TAF Board Officer, delivered $20,000 to the Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures ($10,000 each), two of the hardest hit prefectures in Japan. A third $10,000 donation is planned to the Fukushima Prefecture once we reach our goal.

We are still accepting donations, as this is an ongoing effort. Please stay tuned for updates about future fundraisers!

Checks preferred to maximize donations
Payable to “Texas Asian Foundation”
c/o Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 26918
Austin, TX 78755

Or donate online through Paypal

Problems with donations made Tuesday, March 15

The Texas Asian Foundation (TAF) experienced a technical issue with all charges made on March 15. Charges made during this time must be canceled and re-made in order to be accepted by TAF.

If you made a charge during this time, please login to your Paypal account and check the status of your donation. If payment status is “UNCLAIMED,” you must cancel this charge and process your donation again.

If you do not cancel, your account will be fully refunded within 30 days.

The issue has been resolved an you may re-submit your donation at this time. All donations made after March 15 have been accepted without issue.

TAF sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience. Thank you for your generous support and compassion.

Contacting People In Japan

TACC is posting this message courtesy of the Japan-America Societyof Greater Austin. Our thoughts are with the people of Japan at this time of crisis.

* * * *

Contacting People in Japan  (Japanese information follows English)
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan who were affected by today’s overwhelmingly powerful earthquake and tsunami. We hope that your loved ones and friends in Japan are safe. 
We are sharing two kinds of information with you. First is how you can help. Second is how you can contact friends and family in Japan.  
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South By Southwest, March 11 – 20, 2011

South by Southwest (SXSW) is here! A few highlights to check out:

SXSW Interactive, March 11 – 15

SXSW Film, March 11 – 19

SXSW Music, March 16 – 20

Personality not included – author booksigning, Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava will be stopping by the SX Bookstore to meet registrants and sign copies of his new book, Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity- And How Great Brands Get it Back.

Hispanic Marketing after the 2010 Census

Learn about commonalities in marketing to this group as well as how to translate your brand attributes so that they have cultural significance to Hispanics as well as sub-demographics within the group.  

Presenters:  Jerry Rocha- VP Media Solutions -The Nielsen Company; Kety Esquivel -Latinos in Social Media; Michael Munoz- VP Client Dev. -Univision Communications; Reinaldo Padua -AVP, Hispanic Mktg- The Coca-Cola Company; Roberto Ruiz- Univision 

Future of Mobile Gaming/Entertainment

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about  what’s new in the marketplace and what’s in development, coming soon.

Presenters:        Peter Vesterbacka -Mighty Eagle- Rovio

Cleantech: The Interactive Community & the Next Great Industry

This session will discuss the current growth of the cleantech sector, its implications for the interactive community and vice versa, the optimal scenarios for impact, and the ways we can start thinking about this industry now.

Presenters:     Indira Vaidy- Strategist -BBDO

Q&A With Google & Bing On Website Ranking

In this session, representatives from both companies answer questions about how they list site selections and rank web sites. Get your search engine optimization (SEO) questions answered directly from the companies that list you.

Presenters:     Danny Sullivan- Editor In Chief- Search Engine Land; Duane Forrester- Sr Prod Mgr, Webmaster Tools Bing; Matt Cutts -Principal Engineer -Google

What Overseas Innovations Still Haven’t Hit the US market yet?

Presenters: Debi Jones -Telefonica

Japanese Mobile Leaders Forum

With the leaders of the mobile social media in Japan, we will discuss what the Japanese mobile social media world looks like, where they are headed, and how the “outer world” will affect / or be affected.

Presenters:     Eiji Araki -VP, Prod- GREE International Inc.; Serkan Toto -Japan Correspondent –TechCrunch; Taisei Tanaka- CEO Geisha- Tokyo Entertainment Inc; Tak Miyata -Exec VP- mixi Inc; Takahito Iguchi- CEO- Tonchidot

Diversity in the Digital Age

In this session, Anne Hunter, VP, Advertising Effectiveness, comScore, will provide a comprehensive understanding of how the digital age has affected diversity. Has democratization created a more diverse audience or simply created a group of samplers versus key users? Anne will examine how the digital age has affected demographics differentlyand how diversity changes based on the medium.

Presenters:        Anne Hunter -VP Advertising Effectiveness- comScore 









TAF-Japan, Photo by Yong Rak Choi, Korean Journal Austin










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